March 15, 2019

Chocolate aluminum foil suppliers – Haomei

As one of chocolate aluminum foil suppliers in China, Haomei supplier 8011 aluminium foil for chocolate packaging material. Chocolate is best eaten immediately after purchase. If you want to save it, it is best to keep it at 12~18 degrees, avoid light, water and odor. Under such conditions, the oil crystals in the chocolate can be kept stable, the product is firm and brittle, and the appearance maintains a bright color. Chocolate packaging has traditionally been tin foil, but now it has been replaced with aluminum foil. 8011 food grade aluminium foil is a good choice as a chocolate packaging foil.

chocolate aluminum foil suppliers

Why is it better to use 8011 aluminum foil for chocolate packaging? This is because most chocolate aluminum foil papers are made by vacuum coating technology. The cost is relatively low and the chemical properties are relatively stable. Most of the tin foil paper is made by mechanical calendering, so the price is higher, the application is much less extensive than aluminum foil. The research process of 8011 aluminum foil has been relatively mature, and has a good reputation in the field of food packaging. 8011 aluminum foil has the characteristics of poor gas permeability (especially for oxygen, water vapor) and light-shielding, it also has the characteristics of shape retention and rigidity, by applied as chocolate wrapper, it can prevent air from entering and increase the pollution of the food. Chocolate aluminum foil suppliers can offer FDA certificate of the aluminum foil for non-toxic and harmless.

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