May 12, 2021

Double Zero Foil Hot Sale

The so-called double zero foil is aluminium foil with two zeros after the decimal point when its thickness is measured in mm. usually a double zero aluminum foil with a thickness of less than 0.0075mm, it can be widely used in food, beverage, cigarette, medicine, household daily necessities packaging, capacitor manufacturing and other fields. At present, double zero aluminum foil with a thickness of about 0.006mm is used in a large area in the world. To further reduce the thickness, improve the mechanical properties of the double zero foil, and reduce the pinhole rate represents the development direction of the double zero aluminum foil.

double zero foil

Aluminium double zero foil can be produced by the casting-rolling method and the hot-rolling method. The casting-rolling method has low cost, short process and obvious economic benefits, small enterprises often use this method. While the hot-rolling method has stable production performance and relatively high cost. Developed countries mainly use hot-rolling method for production, and Haomei Aluminium also use hot-rolling method for aluminium foil production. The stable production of high-quality ultra-thin double zero aluminum foil by hot rolling is mainly to control the uniformity of the ingot structure and the intermediate annealing treatment for the nucleation, growth and distribution of the second phase. The choice of annealing process has a significant impact on the precipitation and distribution of the second phase. Important impact. Especially for the hot-rolling method to produce ultra-thin double zero aluminum foil, there are many annealing times, long cycle, homogenization annealing, intermediate annealing (requiring multiple times), and finishing annealing require precise control.


Aluminum double zero foil has a wide range of uses and good prospects. However, from the perspective of technology and equipment, the gap between country’s aluminum foil industry and developed countries is very obvious. Especially in the field of high-end products, such as ultra-thin aluminum foil (thickness less than 0.005mm) cannot be independently produced. The yield rate of double zero aluminum foil production is obviously too low, and the overall quality is low. To be truly competitive, there must be more companies like Haomei Aluminum. Therefore, aluminum foil industry has a long way to go.

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