July 30, 2018

Electronic aluminium foil suppliers – Haomei

Electronic aluminium foil is a key component of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are widely used in household appliances, computers, communications, industrial controls, electric vehicles, electric locomotives and military and aerospace equipment. The electronic aluminum foil is a high-purity aluminum foil which is formed from high-purity aluminum ingot into aluminum sheet by hot-rolling, and further cold rolling and annealing.

electronic aluminium foil suppliers

Electronic aluminium foil suppliers manufacture 1060, 1050, 1145, 1235 aluminum foil for electronic battery shell. The most commonly used grade is 1235 aluminum foil. The tempers of electronic aluminum foil are O, H14, H18, H22 and H22. The specific production process of the electronic aluminum foil includes: melting casting – soaking – hot rolling – pre-annealing – cold rolling – intermediate annealing – cold rolling – foil rolling – slitting – performance testing – packaging.


The development of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry will drive the rapid growth of demand for electronic aluminum foil. The upgrading of home appliances and new consumer electronic products are important growth points in the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry. The future growth potential of industrial use is huge, especially in new energy and new technologies. So the electronic aluminium foil suppliers like Haomei focus on the performance and surface quality to catch the development opportunity, more details like electronic aluminum foil price please contact us!

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