June 11, 2018

Electronic aluminum foil suppliers

The key raw material used in the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is electronic aluminum foil. After the manufacturing process, the aluminum foil is called as electrode aluminum foil, in which the electrode foil includes etched foil and formed foil. In addition, electronic aluminum foil also known as aluminum light foil and aluminum pigment foil. Haomei is of the famous electronic aluminum foil suppliers in China, the aluminum foil product we supply is with good thickness tolerance, surface quality and edge.

electronic aluminum foil suppliers

As one of the most basic electronic components, aluminum electrolytic capacitors are with the characteristics of small size, large capacity and low cost, especially the unit price of the capacitor is the cheapest among all the capacitors, which is consistent with the trend of low price of information products, and is widely used in communications, home appliances, automobiles, electronics, aviation and new materials in other industries. At present, the output of aluminum electrolytic capacitors accounts for 45% of the total output of all capacitors. So the demand of electronic aluminum foil is huge in the market, all the electronic aluminum foil suppliers are eager to improve the quality and quantity to meet the market demand, Haomei is also make effort to supply high quality electronic aluminum foil with great price and good service. If you have the requirement on our product, please contact us immediately, we will give you answer as soon as possible.

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