December 26, 2023

Embossed Foil Sheets

Embossed foil sheets is a kind of pre cut aluminum foil sheets made of embossed aluminum foil with unique embossed texture on the surface, which is both beautiful and practical. The difference between embossed pop up foil sheets and non-embossed pop up foil sheets is mainly in the appearance of decorative effect and production process. Aluminum embossing needs to be completed by special equipment and process, and can be made into a variety of patterns and patterns.

embossed foil sheets

There are different specifications and thicknesses of embossed foil sheets, the common ones are 273mm x 300mm x 12 micron, 380mm x 450mm x 20 micron, 450mm x 450mm x 20 micron and other specifications. This kind of embossed pop up foil sheets has high toughness and stiffness, not easy to tear or break, and very convenient to use. Embossed aluminum pre cut foil sheets can be used for hairdressing, the main use is to make aluminum foil curlers. Embossed aluminum foil sheets can be used for hairdressing because of its thermostatic and heat-conducting properties. The use of embossed aluminum pop up foil sheets keeps the overall temperature of the hair inside between 40 degrees and 60 degrees, a temperature that allows the hair to go into a natural straightening phenomenon, making the hair texture look smoother. This type of curling iron has the advantages of easy operation, even heating and long-lasting styling, which can make hair more natural and shiny.


Since the material of embossed foil sheets is quite special, you need to avoid excessive stretching or folding during use, so as not to damage the paper towel or affect its service life. The price of pre cut embossed foil sheets is higher than ordinary pop up foil sheets, because the embossing process is needed, the color of embossed foil sheets also is colorful, making it more suitable for hairdressing, if you are interested in embossed pop up foil sheets, please send email to Haomei Aluminum, we offer lowest price for you!

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