August 7, 2020

Food grade aluminium foil manufacturer in china

Food grade aluminium foil manufacturer in china please select Haomei for we have over 15 years experience on aluminum foil producing. The produced food grade aluminium foil has good barrier properties, heat-seal performance, can withstand high-temperature cooking, low-temperature refrigeration, safe and environmentally friendly. The grade of food grade aluminum foil is 8011, burst resistance is 60 (%), thickness is 0.010-0.20 (mm), and opacity is 100 (%) ), the use is food aluminum foil paper, the stiffness is general.

food grade aluminium foil manufacturer in china

Food grade aluminum foil paper has good shading properties, but also has a strong insulation, and because of the aluminum composition inside, it also has good oil resistance and softness degree. Used for packaging vegetables, fruits, etc., food grade aluminium foil can prevent water loss, maintain fresh flavor, and have more anti-bacterial and anti-fouling effects. The aluminium foil food grade has good toughness, pure and free of impurities, suitable for cooking, storing, refrigerating, packaging food, tableware and utensils, posting kitchen, baking, grilling or baking food with tin foil, can maintain the original flavor, reduce juice splashing, and maintain stove guards clean and increase cooking fun. When used for cooking, the food grade aluminium foil can seal food (fruit) juice and liquid; maintain the visual effect of food color, aroma and taste, and control the temperature;


Use aluminum foil to separate high-temperature charcoal fire and smoke, which not only maintains the original flavor of the food but also avoids carcinogens caused by scorching, which is safe and hygienic; Storage: Keep fresh, it can be conveniently shaped according to the food, keep the food shape, and prevent the entry of peculiar smell. Refrigeration: prevent the surface of frozen food from hardening, extend the storage time of food, avoid the loss of water in fish, vegetables, fruits, and dishes, and prevent the leakage or mixing of flavors.

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