June 18, 2024

Food Packing Aluminum Foil Rolls

Food packing aluminum foil rolls is a kind of material used for packaging food, which is usually food grade and food safe. Aluminum foil has good properties of oxygen barrier, moisture barrier, odor barrier, heat insulation and moisture barrier, so it is widely used in food packaging industry.

food packing aluminum foil rolls

Here are some detailed information about food packing aluminium foil rolls:

  1. Material:

Food packaging aluminum foil is usually made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated with certain gloss and flatness. Its thickness is usually between 0.006mm and 0.2mm. According to the specific thickness, it can be divided into double-zero foil, single-zero foil and thick foil, among which double-zero foil and single-zero foil are mainly used for food packaging.


  1. Characteristics:

– Oxygen barrier: Aluminum foil has good oxygen barrier, which can effectively prevent the oxygen in the food from oxidizing the food and prolong the shelf life of the food.

– Moisture barrier: Aluminum foil has good moisture barrier, which can effectively prevent the food from moisture deterioration.

– Insulation: Aluminum foil can effectively insulate the external odor and keep the original flavor of food.

– Thermal insulation: Aluminum foil has a certain degree of thermal insulation performance, which can maintain the temperature of food.

– Moisture resistance: Aluminum foil has good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent food from moisture.


  1. Use: Aluminum foil for food packaging  is widely used for packaging various foods, such as chocolate, dairy products, frozen foods, cooked foods, beverages, fruits and vegetables. It can be used in various forms of packaging such as bags, boxes, cans and so on.


  1. Packaging form: food packaging aluminum foil is usually sold in jumbo rolls or small rolls, which can be cut and customized according to different needs.


  1. Environmental protection: aluminum foil roll for food packaging has good recyclability and renewability, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.


Overall, food packing aluminum foil rolls is a safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly food packaging material, which is widely used in the food industry, providing effective protection for the freshness and quality of food.

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