July 4, 2023

Golden Aluminium Tobacco Foil Paper

The golden aluminium tobacco foil paper and silver tobacco foil paper are common used for tobacco box inner liner packaging. Cigarette and tobacco inner lining foil paper products are a type of composite material, made by compounding and cutting aluminum foil, lining paper and other products. They are mainly used in cigarette packaging and have excellent moisture-proof and fragrance-preserving functions.


Depending on the design style and characteristics of the cigarette package, there are various specifications and varieties of cigarette inner lining paper products. Haomei Aluminum mainly produces ordinary gold and silver tobacco foil inner lining paper, embossed inner lining paper, holographic inner lining paper, and printing inner lining paper. Among them, holographic inner lining paper is our company’s advantageous product, as it has good anti-counterfeiting effects and gives the cigarette package a high-end and gorgeous characteristic. It is widely used in medium to high-grade cigarette packaging.

golden aluminium tobacco foil paper

Product parameters of golden aluminium tobacco foil paper:

Aluminum foil color Gold Silver
Foil thickness 6.3μm 6.3μm
Aluminum foil weight 17.1gsm 17.1gsm
Paper weight 27-74gsm 27-74gsm
Plastic weight 0.5gsm 0.5gsm
Total thickness 4.5-8μm 4.5-8μm
Total weight 45-80gsm 45-80gsm
Abrasion resistance <0.18 <0.18
Tensile strength 3kg 3kg
Elongation rate 1%min 1%min
Brightness According to samples According to samples
Roll diameter 62-130mm 62-130mm
Length According to customer needs According to customer needs
Core inner diameter 76mm 76mm


Production process of golden aluminium tobacco foil paper:

Composite: Environmentally friendly gold pigment, can be multi-color printed, free logo design.

Cutting: Regular width of 80-115mm, can be customized according to customer requirements.

Packaging: Export standard pallet packaging, with built-in waterproof bags and anti-collision strips

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