January 25, 2022

Heat Transfer Foil

The material of heat transfer foil is 8011 aluminum, and the thermal conductivity of aluminum is very high, so aluminum foil is a relatively good thermal conductive material. There are many varieties of heat transfer aluminum foil, which are used in air conditioner heat exchangers. With the rapid development of air conditioning industrial production, air conditioning foils are developing in the direction of thinning, high strength, high formability, high heat transfer and high corrosion resistance. Today’s thickness of air-conditioner heat transfer aluminium foil is only between 0.08 and 0.15mm. In order to increase the service life of heat exchanger air conditioners, reduce power consumption, improve ventilation quality and improve cooling effect, a variety of functional heat sheets have been developed.

heat transfer foil

Heat conduction is important, but for heating or cooling, the area of heat dissipation is more important, that is, the contact area between the air and the heat sink. Because aluminum alloy has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and good thermal conductivity, the original copper fins are replaced by heat transfer foil made of aluminum alloy in the heat exchanger to reduce the weight. And further reduce the weight of the heat exchanger by gradually reducing the thickness of the fins. Air conditioner aluminum foil for heat transfer are widely used in air conditioning, cold storage, central air conditioning, freezers, display cabinets, ice machines and other refrigeration industries.


Heat transfer foil for exchangers are widely used in refrigeration, air conditioning, space heating and chemical engineering and other fields. Taking the finned tube heat exchanger as an example, after the fin surface is coated with a hygroscopic coating, compared with the same type of heat exchanger, not only sensible heat exchange, but also latent heat exchange can be carried out. Therefore, its heat exchange efficiency can be improved, and it can be applied to air-conditioning systems, which can significantly improve the energy-efficiency ratio of air-conditioning and reduce system energy consumption.

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