March 6, 2020

High quality household foil with low price

Household foil has multiple advantages, such as food grade, clean oil removal, less pinholes, good product board shape, no deformation during cutting, etc. Aluminum foil production refers to the whole process from the beginning of aluminum foil blank to the processing of plain foil, which is the continuation of the cold rolling process of aluminum foil. There are two kinds of aluminum foil blank: hot rolling blank and cast rolling blank. After cold rolling, the aluminum foil blank with thickness of 0.4-0.7mm is obtained, and then the aluminum foil with different thickness is obtained by rough rolling, medium rolling and finish rolling. The specific process flow of aluminum foil production is determined according to the alloy type, finished product specification, product quality requirements, production quantity, production equipment specification, production capacity and other factors.

household foil

Household foil can be applied to high temperature cooking food packaging for liquid food packaging for solid food packaging for drug packaging has strong stretching and stretching characteristics. Household aluminum foil has better thermal stability, less pinholes and good board shape with high toughness, less and good board aluminum foil surface clean, pollution-free and low.

Aluminum foil for household use has performance advantages:

A: The shape of the household foil is regular, the surface is smooth without oil, and there are no black oil spots, bright lines and other defects.

B: High strength and hardness, good formability, easy to process.

C: Good corrosion resistance and tensile strength.

D: It is safe, sanitary and pollution-free, and has certain welding performance and the ability of stress corrosion cracking.

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