October 19, 2020

Iso certified aluminium foil

Haomei supply iso certified aluminium foil with high quality, factory price and short production and delivery time. In the production process of aluminum foil, there are multiple processes such as rolling, finishing, annealing, packaging, etc. The interlocking production process, any problem in any link may cause aluminum foil quality problems. The quality defects of the purchased aluminum foil products will not only affect the appearance, but also directly affect the quality of the products produced, and even more directly cause the aluminum foil to break and stop, which greatly affects the production efficiency. How to tell the quality of aluminum foil?

iso certified aluminium foil

According to the experience of people in the iso certified aluminium foil industry, most of the quality of aluminum foil can be detected directly with your “wisdom eyes”. However, to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil, we should first understand the common quality defects of aluminum foil. Only when we have a good idea, and then check the common aluminum foil quality problems one by one, can we prevent the aluminum foil with quality defects from being put into storage. The application of aluminium foil products is becoming more and more extensive, and the requirements for the quality of various products of aluminum foil are also increasing, especially for the quality of medicinal foil, composite aluminum foil, double zero foil, beer seal, packaging food foil and household foil product quality, there are strict requirements.


The modern aluminum foil rolling mill has a high speed, and the surface of the aluminum foil just rolled has varying degrees of oil. The general iso certified aluminium foil in our factory, such as beer seal and 0.0065mm double zero foil, can be annealed to eliminate the rolling oil on the surface of the finished product after rolling. If the rolling oil has a high viscosity, the product will carry a large amount of oil, and there will be residues on the surface of the aluminum foil after annealing, causing oil spots or stickiness. The medicinal foil and decorative foil products of our factory are all processed into finished products in the H16 state. Without annealing, the rolling oil on the aluminum foil surface cannot be eliminated. Therefore, it is the key to control the product oil of the aluminum foil rolling mill.

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