October 17, 2018

Wide application of mill finish aluminum foil

The mill finish aluminum foil has the mill finish surface, which has better decoration effect on packaging, and better heat keep effect on food. The aluminum alloy of mill finish aluminium foil has 1235, 3003, 8011 aluminum and so on. Due to its high performance, the mill finish aluminum foil has wide application as food container, food package, cigarette packaging and so on.

mill finish aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is closely related to people’s life and is indispensable in life. It is widely used in daily life, such as cigarettes, medicines, food, household use, beverages, etc. It is usually used as packaging materials, electrolytic capacitor materials, building, vehicles, ships, houses and other thermal insulation materials. The mill finish aluminum foil has good moistureproof, light shielding and very high barrier performance. The mill finish surface has high glossy feature for packaging in cigarette box, which has better package decoration effect. When applied into food containers, mill finish aluminum foil 3003 8011 has good heat preservation effect than plastic container, so it is used in restaurant, aeroplane. When applied to food packaging, wrapping butter, cheese, chocolate, sugar, gum shewing are the typical usage of mill finish aluminum foil. In addition, the mill finish aluminum foil has application on flex package like medicine packaging, yogurt lid packaging, beer mark foil and so on.

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