February 19, 2024

Packing Aluminum Foil

3003 and 8011 are two common used packaging aluminum foil product that applied to food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. 3003 aluminum foil for packing has good corrosion resistance and formability, and the surface is clean and oil-free, so it is widely used in food packaging. While 8011 aluminium foil for packing is a commonly used food packaging and preservation materials, its aluminum content of 98% or more, with excellent moisture resistance, light-blocking properties and high barrier properties, but also non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic, easy to carry and other advantages.

packing aluminum foil

Aluminum foil for packaging can be regard as the most common application of aluminium foil. The main reasons why aluminum foil is commonly used in packaging are as follows:

Barrier property:

Packing aluminum foil has excellent barrier property, which can effectively isolate the influence of external factors such as oxygen, moisture and light on the products, thus prolonging the shelf life of the products.

Heat sealability:

Aluminum foil for packing has good heat sealing performance and can be heat sealed with various packaging materials to form a firm seal and prevent product leakage and pollution.


Aluminium packing foil has a silver-white luster, which is beautiful and generous in appearance, and can improve the grade and attractiveness of products.

Environmental protection:

Aluminum packing foil can be recycled and reused, in line with environmental protection requirements, which is conducive to reducing the impact of packaging waste on the environment.


To sum up, packing aluminum foil has been widely used in the field of packaging, mainly used for food, medicine, cosmetics and other products packaging. Aluminum foil’s characteristics of barrier, heat sealing, aesthetics and environmental friendliness make it one of the important choices in packaging materials.

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