May 6, 2020

Pharma aluminium foil high quality

The pharma aluminium foil is also known as pharmaceutical aluminium foil or medical aluminium foil, which is generally made of 8011 and 8021 aluminum with purity of more than 99% by calendering. Aluminum foil has the advantages of abundant resources, low price, and easy processing. When used as a pharmaceutical packaging material, aluminum foil is the only metal material in the packaging material. Aluminum foil is non-toxic, odorless, has excellent conductivity and light-shielding properties, has extremely high moisture resistance, gas barrier and taste retention, can protect the packaged objects most effectively, and is a packaging that has not been replaced so far. material.

pahrma aluminium foil

No matter what kind of evaporated metal film, or coated special film can not completely replace aluminum foil. The quality of pharma aluminium foil is strict required in the production process, so the quality inspect of medical aluminium foil is very strict also, it has detection of barrier performance of medicinal aluminum foil, detection of water vapor transmission rate, detection of heat seal strength of adhesive layer, detection of adhesiveness of protective layer, detection of heat resistance of protective layer by the pharmaceutical aluminum foil sample.


The medicinal aluminum foil barrier performance test, water vapor transmission rate test, the water vapor transmission rate should not exceed 0.5g / (m²*24h). The heat sealing strength of the adhesive layer of medicinal aluminum foil is tested, and the average value of the heat sealing strength should not be less than 7.0N / 15MM (PVC), 6.0N / 15MM (PVDC). Adhesiveness of the protective layer of medicinal aluminum foil: no obvious fall off of the surface of the protective layer. The heat resistance of the protective layer of pahrma aluminium foil is detected, and there is no obvious fall off of the surface of the protective layer.

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