May 17, 2021

Pharmaceutical Foils Grade 8011 8021 8079

The pharmaceutical foils with grade of 8011, 8021 and 8079 produced by Haomei Aluminum have mature technologies and are widely used. The main application of pharmaceutical aluminium foils are blister packaging of medicine capsules and tablets, and bag-like packaging of powder granules and liquids. Pharmaceutical aluminum foil is non-toxic and tasteless when packaging medicines, harmless to the human body, has good moisture-proof performance, guarantees the quality guarantee period of medicines, and has the advantages of safety, convenience and long shelf life.

pharmaceutical foils

The pharmaceutical foils are used as the raw materials of medicine packaging. The choice of composite film for pharmaceutical packaging by a pharmaceutical company is determined by the nature of the drug (moisture, oxidation, retention of drug flavor, etc.) and shelf life. It is mainly based on the quality characteristics required by the drug and combined with the characteristics of the composite product. The following are provided the characteristics of medicinal composite membrane for reference:

1, Ordinary composite film:

The composite structure is composed of polyester and medicine aluminum foil and polyethylene (PET/AL/PE), which is characterized by good printing adaptability and good gas and moisture barrier properties to medicines.

2, Medicinal strip-like easy-to-tear composite film:

The composite structure is composited with cellophane, polyethylene and pharmaceutical aluminum foil (PT/PE/AL/PE). The characteristics are: good tearability, convenient for consumers to take the product. Good gas and water vapor barrier properties ensure a long shelf life of the contents. It is suitable for the packaging of effervescent agents, paints, tablets and capsules.

3, Paper-aluminum-plastic composite film:

The composite structure is composed of paper, polyethylene and pharmaceutical foils (paper/PE/AL/PE), which is characterized by good printability and good stiffness. It has good barrier properties to gas or water, which can ensure a long shelf life of the medicine.

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