June 25, 2021

Pipe Aluminum Foil Exporter

Pipe aluminum foil exporter generally served as a protective layer on the insulation layer outside the pipe, which has a certain aesthetic effect. When in use, the outside of pipe is covered with a layer of aluminum foil, which can effectively prevent rainwater from entering. At the same time, aluminum foil can have a certain effect of reflecting heat radiation and anti-corrosion protection material. Pipe aluminum foil is mainly used as anti-corrosion protectionfor oil, gas, water, heating overhead pipelines or tower structures in natural gas, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, heat, and urban construction.

pipe aluminum foil exporter

With pipe aluminum foil facing inward, there are two types of heat loss, one is direct heat conduction, and the other is heat radiation. Aluminum foil reflects heat radiation, thereby reducing heat loss. If it is an integral insulation pipe (intermediate insulation layer, outer polyethylene), adding aluminum foil or tinplate on the outside is to reflect sunlight and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the outer layer of the pipe. 3003 aluminum foil is mainly supplied by pipe aluminum foil exporter, with thickness of 0.09mm for pipe insulation.


Pipe aluminum foil exporter find that the thermal performance of an insulation material mainly depends on its thermal conductivity. The larger the thermal conductivity, the worse the insulation performance and the worse the insulation effect. Therefore, choosing insulation materials with low thermal conductivity is the first principle. At the same time, comprehensive consideration of the water absorption rate, use temperature range, service life, aging resistance, mechanical strength, fire resistance, cost and economy of insulation materials.

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