March 23, 2020

Low price of aluminium foil

The price of aluminium foil of China manufacturer is low and the price is affected by the factors composed of aluminum ingot price and processing cost. The price of aluminum ingots is mainly based on the price of aluminum ingots published on the market every day. Recently, the price of aluminum ingots has declined, and now the purchase will be cheaper. The processing fee has a reasonable price according to the input cost of the aluminium foil manufacturer. The input cost of different manufacturers will be different, and the price will be different, but the price will not be too different.

price of aluminium foil

The processing cost of large aluminum manufacturers will be more expensive than small aluminum foil suppliers. After all, the input from labor and equipment will be large, but the quality of aluminium foil product will be more guaranteed. At the same time, the price of the whole jumbo roll or the small roll is also different. For the aluminum foil manufacturers in China, they can supply low cost aluminum foil product with continuous improvement of quality. In the case that there are many aluminum foil products to choose, the customer’s quality requirements for the products will inevitably improve, and they will choose manufacturers with high product quality level to trade.


In this case, in order to achieve good sales volume, aluminum foil manufacturers must constantly improve product quality, reduce the price of aluminium foil, attract customers with quality advantages, and promote sales volume.

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