July 5, 2021

Soft Aluminum Foil

The soft aluminum foil means the O temper aluminum foil, soft O is a fully annealed temper, and the internal structure is an equiaxed crystal structure. The aluminum foil soft, which is fully annealed and softened after rolling, has a soft material and no residual oil on the surface. At present, most application fields, such as packaging, compounding, electrical materials, etc., use soft aluminium foil. The aluminum alloy of aluminum foil soft temper are 1060, 1070, 1100, 1235, 3003, 8006, 8011, 8079 and 8021.

soft aluminum foil

Cable foil, tape foil, medicine foil, heat sealing foil, household foil, food container foil, cigarette foil, electronic foil and transformer foil can adopt soft aluminum foil. 8011 o aluminum foil is very soft, it is a typical product of soft aluminium foil, it has excellent moisture resistance, shading, and high barrier capacity, which can increase the storage time of yogurt. Haomei Aluminum produces 8011-O aluminum foil raw materials. After user feedback, the yogurt sealing film made of Haomei aluminum foil meets the national environmental protection standards and food standard product technical requirements to ensure the health and safety of the environment and products. And the product has no effect on the substrate film after being cooked at a high temperature of 121℃-125℃, and the easy effect is good, and there is no residue on the sealing surface.


The surface of the soft aluminum foil supplied by Haomei Aluminium is clean, uniform in color, without variegation, smooth and pinholes. It has excellent moisture resistance, shading and extremely high barrier capacity, strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, and strong puncture and tear resistance. And non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic. Aluminium foil soft has better punchability and puncture resistance. After testing, the elongation of soft aluminium foil can reach 13%-18%, and the cup height can reach 7.3mm.

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