June 19, 2019

The wide application of thin gauge aluminum foil

Thin gauge aluminum foil is an aluminum foil with thickness of 0 01mm – 0 1mm. Usually, the thickness of light gauge aluminum foil is 0. 0063mm – 0.0075mm. The thin gauge aluminum foil belongs to the high-grade products in aluminum foil, the equipment requirements are very high. Aluminum foil is one of the current three major packaging materials (the other two are paper and plastic). Light gauge aluminum foil has almost all the characteristics and functions of aluminum foil, and its consumption accounts for more than 90% of aluminum for packaging.

thin gauge aluminum foil

At present, thin gauge aluminum foil is mainly used in cigarette packaging, flexible packaging, aluminum-plastic composite packaging and electrolytic capacitors. Light gauge aluminum foil is relatively thin, mainly used in the packaging industry, such as food packaging, cigarette packaging and so on. As a packaging material, it has many advantages over other packaging materials (mainly paper and plastic).

1, The thickness of thin gauge aluminum foil can be as thin as 0.0045mm and the maximum width can reach 2150mm. It has the characteristics of light weight, airtightness and good covering property. It can protect against light, moisture, taste and pollution, so it is considered as Good packaging materials.

2, The chemical properties of aluminum foil are lively and can be processed to meet various needs after different deep processing. The development of aluminum foil application technology can greatly expand the space of the aluminum foil market.

3, Thin gauge aluminum foil packaging has a long service life. The surface of the newly produced aluminum foil immediately forms a strong opaque oxide film, which prevents further oxidation in later use, and this protection is permanent in many applications.

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