January 30, 2023

Tobacco Foil Paper

The metal inside the cigarette pack is aluminium tobacco foil paper. Tin foil was used in the past, but aluminum foil is now used. The cost of using aluminum foil is lower. The thickness of aluminum foil paper for tobacco packaging is basically 0.0063-0.0065mm. And the aluminum alloy and temper is 1145 and 1235 with soft temper.

tobacco foil paper

Aluminum foil for cigarettes is mainly compounded with paper and used as the inner lining paper of cigarette boxes. The aluminum tobacco foil paper used as the inner lining paper of cigarettes mainly includes calendered aluminum foil paper and aluminized paper. The surface of the tobacco foil is smooth and traceless, the plate shape is flat, there are few pinholes, the cost is relatively low, and the chemical properties are relatively stable. The aluminum foil inside the cigarette box has two main functions: one is to preserve the fragrance, the aluminum foil can prevent the smell of cigarettes from spreading, and at the same time prevent the smell of cigarettes from corroding other items, the other is to prevent mildew. Aluminum foil for cigarette can block moisture and effectively prevent moisture, thereby preventing cigarettes from mildewing in a humid environment.


The inner lining paper of the small box packaging is made of aluminum tobacco foil paper, which is silver-white in color, uniform in thickness, clean and flat, with fine and uniform foil dots and clear font patterns. At present, electrostatic aluminized paper and composite aluminized paper are widely used. Electrostatic aluminized paper has a slightly poor gloss and is not very straight, while composite aluminum foil paper has good gloss and is upright.

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