June 2, 2017

What is cable aluminum foil

As we have seen, the communication cable appearance should be wrapped a layer of aluminum foil, to protect and shield the cable line. This kind of aluminum foil is called cable aluminum foil, it is usually made of 1145 pure aluminum, by continuous casting and rolling, cold rolling, cutting and completely annealing, cut into small volume according to the users’ required length and supply to cable foil composite plant, add plastic film on aluminum foil surface, cut into small roll disk supply to cable factory. With the development of internet industry, the cable are widely spread, it can be seen at any city and town, so the demand of cable aluminum foil is increasing rapidity these years.

Cable Aluminum Foil

This kind of composite aluminum foil has the advantages of light quality, good protective shielding effect. cable aluminum foil takes advantage of sealing and shielding effect of aluminum foil, after coating plastic film on one-sided or two-sided, consisting of aluminum – plastic composite foil, used as a cable shield. Cable aluminum foil is required as less surface oil quantity, no holes, high mechanical properties, the overall quality is not high, but the length requirement is very strict. According to the communication cable industry standards, the mechanical properties of cable foil is: 0.1, 0.15, 0.20 mm thickness, cable foil strength is not less than 54 mpa, the elongation is not less than 15%. Chemical composition, at present most of the manufacturer of cable foil using 1145 pure aluminum as the material, the chemical composition of Fe and Si should not be higher than 0.55%. For the importance of cable stable work, the performance of cable aluminum foil is very strict, so to fine a good cable aluminum foil is essential, we Haomei aluminum can provide not only qualified aluminum foil but also best service to buyers, good reputation and continuous order form our customers is the reward to us.

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