February 27, 2024

Why Aluminium Foil is Used For Packaging Food

Why aluminium foil is used for packaging food? Because aluminum foil has a low melting point, good heat sealability, and is extremely easy to form and can be processed into any shape according to the mold. The processed aluminum foil has excellent ductility and can be laminated to different shapes of food products. In addition, aluminum foil for packing food is also easy to carry out surface treatment, such as embossing process, to make it more beautiful and promote consumption.

why aluminium foil is used for packaging food

The main reasons why aluminium foil is used for food packaging are as follows:

Barrier property:

Aluminum foil for packing food has a very good barrier effect on oxygen, moisture, bacteria, etc. It can protect the food from the external environment, thus prolonging the shelf life of the food.

Moisture resistance:

Aluminum foil for food packaging has excellent moisture resistance, which can effectively prevent the moisture in the outside air from entering the inside of the package and keep the freshness and taste of the food.

Heat insulation:

Aluminum foil for food packing has excellent heat insulation performance, which can block the transmission of heat, so that the food is not easily affected by high temperature during transportation and storage, and maintain the quality and stability of food.


Aluminum foil is a non-toxic, tasteless and harmless packaging material, which will not pollute the food or cause harm to human health.

In addition, food packaging aluminum foil has good processing performance, printing performance and decorative performance, which can be customized and processed according to different needs to meet the requirements of various food packaging.


To sum up, why aluminium foil is used for packaging food is due to its excellent barrier properties, moisture resistance, heat insulation, safety and good processing performance.

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