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February 22, 2022

Aluminium Mylar Foil

The aluminium mylar foil are usually used for making cable wrapping film and aluminum foil laminated bag punch. The aluminium foil layer offered by Haomei Aluminum have clean surface, less pinhole and good barrier performance. The cable foil is 1060 aluminium foil, the outer surface of the communication cable needs to be wrapped with a layer […]

February 15, 2022

Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil For Air Conditioner

Hydrophilic aluminum foil for air conditioner refers to the deep-processed product of aluminum foil coated with anti-corrosion coating and hydrophilic coating on plain aluminum foil. The surface of the hydrophilic coated aluminum foil has strong hydrophilicity. When used in air conditioners, hydrophilic aluminum foil can optimize the ventilation effect of the heat exchanger, thereby increasing the […]

Aluminum Foil News
February 9, 2022

Household Aluminum Foil Thickness

8011-O household aluminum foil thickness is 0.008~0.02mm. Household aluminum foil is usually 8011 aluminum foil, which is non-toxic and tasteless, has excellent electrical conductivity and light-shielding properties, excellent moisture resistance, gas barrier and taste retention properties, can effectively protective warp the food or used for cooking. 8011 household aluminum foil is a packaging material that has […]