August 31, 2023

9 Micron Aluminium Foil

9 micron aluminium foil refers to aluminum foil with a porous structure formed on the surface after special treatment, with a pore size of 9 microns. Its main characteristics include high specific surface area, high breathability, good conductivity, and high mechanical performance.

9 micron aluminium foil

The preparation method of 9 micron aluminum foil is similar to that of ordinary microporous aluminum foil, usually prepared by electrochemical corrosion or chemical corrosion. However, the preparation of 9 micron microporous aluminum foil is relatively complex and requires strict control of process parameters and reaction conditions to obtain a microporous structure with specified pore size, porosity, and uniformity. Among them, the electrochemical corrosion method has higher production cost and greater process difficulty, but the surface of the product is smoother and the pore size distribution is more uniform. The chemical corrosion method has relatively lower production cost but requires control of process parameters during the preparation process to ensure the uniformity of pore size and distribution of the product.


Characteristics of 9 micron aluminum foil

  1. High specific surface area

The surface of 9-micron microporous aluminum foil is a porous structure, and its specific surface area is much larger than that of ordinary aluminum foil. It can enhance the microstructure of the aluminum foil surface and make it easier for substances to diffuse and enhance the adsorption effect on electrolytes, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of electrochemical reactions.

  1. High breathability

9 micron microporous aluminum foil has high breathability, and the interconnection between pores facilitates the diffusion and dissipation of gases while also providing good explosion resistance for batteries.

  1. Good conductivity

Aluminum itself has good conductivity, and the surface of aluminum foil after microporous treatment forms microelectrodes and conductive channels, making it easier for electrons to transmit within the battery.

  1. Higher mechanical performance

9 micron microporous aluminum foil has good mechanical performance and can withstand high pressure without deformation or rupture.

  1. Adjustable pore size and porosity

The pore size and porosity of 9 micron aluminium foil can be adjusted by controlling process parameters during the preparation process to meet the requirements of battery performance. In addition, this type of aluminum foil also provides a wide range of applications, such as filter materials, biosensors, and thin film electronic devices, with a broad market development space.

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