March 14, 2023

Aluminium Finstock For Radiators

Aluminium finstock for radiators has the advantages of good plate shape, good coating performance, high coating adhesion, good corrosion resistance and so on, and is widely used. Aluminum foil fin stock for air conditioner/condenser/ radiator has better heat dissipation effect and affordable price. 8011 aluminum foil is more and more widely used in refrigeration equipment, and can be used in condensers, coolers, evaporators, radiators, heat exchangers, finned evaporators, finned condensers, evaporator equipment, etc.


The aluminium finstock for radiators in finned heat exchangers are generally divided into copper, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Most heat exchangers use aluminum fin stock as the raw material to manufacture the fins of the heat exchanger. 8011 aluminum alloy is widely used in aluminum foil for air conditioning fins. 8011 radiator aluminum foil is a series of aluminum alloys, which belong to the 8××× series alloys. Al-Fe-Si elements are added, and the alloy properties of more than 1% of the total alloy elements have relatively high advantages. The performance of 8011 aluminum foil is better than that of pure aluminum foil. The use of aluminum foil in air conditioners is mainly to make heat conduction fins of air conditioner heat exchangers. The common state is H22/H24/H26, and the thickness range is 0.08-0.2mm.

aluminium finstock for radiators

8011 aluminum foil mechanical properties:

Tensile strength: 125~165

Yield strength: 110

Elongation rate: 2~5


8011 aluminum foil chemical composition:

Silicon content: 0.50~0.90, Iron content: 0.60~1.0, Copper content: 0.10, Manganese content: 0.20, Magnesium content: 0.05, Chromium content: 0.05, Nickel content Zinc content: 0.10, Titanium content: 0.0,8 Other content: 0.05, Total other content: 0.15, Aluminum content: Balance.


The aluminium finstock for radiators of the air conditioner heat exchanger have higher requirements on the shape of the aluminum foil. Generally, the production line of heat exchange sheet punching uses vacuum suction cups to transfer aluminum foil. If the shape of the radiator aluminum foil is not good and the surface is uneven, the vacuum suction method of aluminum foil will not work normally. The performance of 8011 aluminum foil is better than that of pure aluminum foil. It is used in air-conditioning heat exchangers and requires flat shape, clean surface and no defects.

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