May 10, 2019

3003 h24 aluminium foil used for food container

The aluminium foil used for food container 3003 h24 is widely applied in food grade foil containers with safe using and environmental protection. The aluminum alloy foil of the punched food container is 3003 aluminum, and the chemical composition of the 3003 aluminum alloy was adjusted to formulate a suitable annealing process system, and the process performance of the 3003 H24 aluminium foil was improved. The 3003 aluminum alloy foil which can be punched into a food container is produced by casting blank, and it is used as an environmentally-friendly fast food container material instead of plastic and foam plastic.

aluminium foil used for food container

In the process of use, the 3003 aluminum alloy foil for food container has the advantages on the aspects of food hygiene, safety and environmental protection, regeneration, etc., that the plastic, foam plastic containers can not match. The specification of 3003h24 aluminum foil for food container are thickness of 0.016-0.055mm and the width of 100-1600mm. In order to ensure the strength of the container and stamping, aluminum alloy foil must have a good strength and elongation. Because 3003 aluminum foil has good processing properties, it has higher strength and elongation than 8011 aluminum alloy. Therefore, we use 3003 aluminum foil for food container processing. 3003-H24 aluminium foil used for food container has many advantages such as food grade, clean oil removal, less pinholes, good product plate shape, no deformation, and easy to fall off.

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