November 30, 2021

Aluminum Foil For Cable Transform

The aluminum foil for cable transform requires less oil on the surface, no holes and high mechanical properties. Generally, the cable aluminum foil can be 1060-O aluminum foil, 1235-O aluminum foil and 8011-O aluminum foil. The thickness of 8011 alloy cable aluminum foil is 0.1 mm, 0.15 mm or 0.2 mm, the thickness of the 1235 cable aluminum foil alloy is: 0.025-0.05mm, the width is 500mm, and the length is required. The common domestic use is 2050m or 3050mm, and the export is basically 4000mm or more.

aluminum foil for cable transform

In the same volume, the actual weight of aluminum alloy is about one-third of copper. According to this calculation, under the premise of meeting the same electrical conductivity, the length of the aluminum alloy cable with the same weight is twice that of the copper cable. Therefore, the weight of the aluminum alloy cable at the same current carrying capacity is about half of that of the copper cable. The use of aluminum alloy cables instead of copper cables can reduce the weight of the cables, reduce the installation cost, reduce the abrasion of the equipment and cables, and make the installation work easier.


The price of cable aluminum foil substrate is not fixed, and it needs to be considered from many aspects:

1, Product specifications and models.

The thickness, length, width, and state of the aluminum foil for cable transform are not the same, and the price of the cable aluminum foil is also different. Generally, the thinner the thickness of the cable aluminium foil is, the more expensive it is.

2, Production cost.

The capital investment in the process of producing aluminum foil for cable tape also directly affects the selling price of obsolete products. Such as the quality of the selection of aluminum foil and aluminum ingots, whether the production process is advanced, the level of technical content, and the input of various manpower and material resources. Of course, with more energy invested, the quality of the products produced will be better. The production cost of the product is high, and the aluminum foil price given by the cable aluminum foil manufacturer will not be low.

3, The price of aluminum ingots fluctuates in the market.

In general, the aluminum processing industry quotation is that the price of aluminum ingots occupies a certain proportion, and the market price of aluminum ingots is unpredictable, so the price of aluminum foil for cable transform products will also vary.

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