May 8, 2017

Performance indicators of aluminum foil for india

In recent years, there are so many aluminum foil for sale in the aluminum market with various quality and price, to select the right one is very important to save money and time, how to find the best aluminum foil for india? Here we have the solution, what you need to do is check all the performance indicators of the aluminum foil you inspect.

aluminum foil in india


The tensile strength: it refers to the material maximum stress value on the material before snap. At present the common method of measuring tensile strength is to adopt universal material testing machine for material determination of tensile/compressive strength.
The elongation: it refers to the percentage of the total elongation and the original gauge length after the tensile failure of material.
The yield strength: it refers to the yield critical stress value of the material.
The cup drawing: it refers to the stamping process performance of the product. In aluminum foil factory testing, the most is the test of tensile strength and elongation, and cupping values are used for performance test of deep drawing of aluminum foil products, such as air conditioner heat sink aluminum foil, food container aluminum foil, etc.

If all the performance indicators are within standards, then congratulations, you find a good quality aluminum foil product. If you wan all the process to be more easily, welcome to Haomei aluminum, because we have various aluminum foil products, our professional stuff know exactly what you need in your industrial area, and we can give you specialized solution for problems in your producing. I am very proud to say we are problems solver, we are products supplier, we are service provider. So, to aluminum foil for india, we can be the best manufacturer, please send email to us,we are ready for servicing you!

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