December 7, 2021

Bright Prospects of Aluminum Foil For Tray

Aluminum foil for tray have been widely used in certain fields. For example, disposable lunch boxes on airplanes, heat meals in microwave ovens or ovens. The tin foil packaging that people usually call is actually aluminum foil. The aluminum foil for container product series are mostly used in aviation food and cake food retail, and the update speed is fast and consumes more quantities, suitable for sale in batches. Aluminum foil for tray are used in many places in the cooking and packaging of finished food in cake food stores. The product market is wider and popular.

aluminum foil for tray

Aluminum foil for tray materials include 8011 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil, 3004 aluminum foil, etc. Compared with 5052 aluminum foil, it is a bit more expensive, but the performance is better. The thickness of the aluminum foil tray is generally between 0.03mm-0.20mm, which can be divided into two types: wrinkle-free and wrinkle-free, and it can also be divided into two types: disposable and reusable. The aluminum foil for container uses 3000 series or 8000 series as the raw material of aluminum ingots, and is cold-rolled or hot-rolled into aluminum foil mother coils with uniform thickness, smooth surface, no holes, no dust particles, and no peculiar smell. After special equipment and molds, one-time automatic cold stamping formed production process.


What are the characteristics of aluminum foil tray?

①, Safety and sanitation, after high temperature sterilization.

②, The aluminum foil tray is high-quality and beautiful, and light in weight.

③, Environmental protection, high recovery rate.

④, The aluminum foil tray can be directly used for storage, packaging, grilling/baking, forming, heating and freezing.


Haineu Aluminum is a supplier of aluminum foil for tray, we can produce 3003 aluminum foil, 3004 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, 8006 aluminum foil, of which 8006 aluminum foil is used to make wrinkle-free containers. Haomei contianer aluminum foil has a clean surface, no oil stains, and bright lines. We are the supplier of aluminum foil raw materials for various aluminum tray manufacturers at home and abroad.

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