October 31, 2023

Aluminum Foil Giant Roll

The specifications of aluminum foil giant roll may vary depending on the manufacturer, product type and technical parameters. The following are some common specifications for large rolls of aluminum foil: width usually between 200mm and 1500mm. Thickness usually between 0.09mm and 0.2mm. In addition, the weight of aluminum foil jumbo roll also varies according to the specifications, usually between tens of kilograms and hundreds of kilograms. It should be noted that the above specifications are for reference only, and the actual product specifications may vary depending on factors such as manufacturers, technical parameters and market demand.

aluminum foil giant roll

The quality judgment method of aluminum foil giant roll mainly includes the following steps:

Appearance test:

Observe the surface nature of aluminum foil big roll and check whether there are obvious scoring, breakage, stains and other defects.

Size inspection:

Measure the length, width, thickness and other dimensions of the aluminum foil jumbo roll using micrometer to ensure that it meets the standard requirements.

Weight test:

Use electronic balance to accurately measure the weight of each square meter of aluminium foil giant roll to determine whether its density meets the standard.

Strength test:

Tensile test is conducted to test the tensile strength of aluminum foil jumbo roll to determine whether it has sufficient strength and toughness.

Composition test:

Analyze the aluminum and other components in the aluminum foil large roll samples by using a spectrum analyzer, etc., to determine whether the composition meets the standard.

Polar value test:

Measure the polar value of aluminum foil rolled on a shaft to evaluate the hardness of the aluminum foil and determine whether it has sufficient hardness and corrosion resistance.


Through the above steps, the quality of the aluminum foil giant roll can be fully evaluated. If you want to buy aluminum foil jumbo roll with good quality, Haomei Aluminum are ready to serve you, not only quality guaranteed, but also low cost, you can contact us via whatsapp or email to get newest quote!

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