April 10, 2024

Aluminum Foil Paper For Tobacco

Haomei Aluminum offer high quality 1235 O aluminum foil paper for tobacco packaging 6.35 micro and laminated with paper. As a direct factory to produce tobacco foil for more than 10 years, Haomei Aluminum are reliable and trustworthy. The main purpose of tobacco aluminum foil is to be used as the lining material of cigarette packaging, which has the properties of moisture-proof, oil-proof and anti-counterfeiting, and can protect cigarettes from the external environment, as well as improve the quality and aesthetics of cigarettes.

aluminum foil paper for tobacco

The color of aluminum foil paper for tobacco packaging are mainly silver and gold, with beautiful appearance, to improve the tobacco added value, so it is a ideal packaging material for cigarette and tobaccos. Specifically, aluminum foil paper for tobacco has the following advantages:

Good moisture-proof performance:

Cigarette aluminum foil has good moisture-proof performance, which can effectively prevent cigarettes from moisture and protect the quality of cigarettes.

Good oil-proof performance:

Aluminum tobacco foil has good oil-proof performance, which can prevent cigarettes from being polluted by oil and keep them clean and hygienic.

Good anti-counterfeiting performance:

Tobacco aluminum foil has good anti-counterfeiting performance, which can prevent the appearance of counterfeit cigarettes and protect the interests of consumers.

High aesthetics:

Aluminum foil for tobacco has a metallic luster and a certain texture, which can enhance the quality and aesthetics of cigarettes.

Good processability:

Aluminum foil has good processability and can be cut, folded, creased and other operations, which is convenient for making cigarette packages of various shapes.


In short, aluminum foil paper for tobacco packaging is an important cigarette packaging material, with a variety of advantages and uses, can effectively protect cigarettes, improve the quality and aesthetics, but also has a certain anti-counterfeiting effect.

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