October 12, 2022

Aluminum Foil Tape For Cable Shield

The so called aluminum foil tape for cable shield is a special cable wrapping material that shields and insulates around the cable to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). Shielded cable can make the external electromagnetic radiation and magnetic field radiation directly into the ground without interference to the inner wire. In general, the shielded cable has two layers of shielding, the mesh braided wire is used to prevent magnetic field radiation, and the aluminum foil layer is used to prevent electromagnetic radiation. The shielding layer must be grounded to have a good shielding effect. When the external electromagnetic field with higher frequency passes through the shielding layer, eddy currents will be generated and lost.

aluminum foil tape for cable shield

The aluminum foil tape for cable shield is made of aluminum materials with aluminum grade of 1145, 1235, 1060, 1100 and 8011, and is provided to users after cold rolling, slitting and annealing. There are many advantages of using aluminum foil on the cable, such as light weight and good shielding effect, so many cables use aluminum foil. The aluminum foil for cables is in O state and is relatively soft, so that it can be better wrapped on the cable without breaking. The thickness is generally not more than 0.2mm, and the tensile strength is below 110 σb/MPa. The thickness of cable aluminum foil tape is generally between 0.15mm and 0.20mm, the tensile strength is 80-110 σb/MPa, and the elongation is not less than 23%.


Shielded cables require anti-interference to prevent external electromagnetic fields from entering the line. Generally, for lines with higher frequencies and lower signal levels, shielded cables are required. The most common is the coaxial cable of cable TV. In addition to the inner conductor, there is a layer of metal mesh on the outside for shielding, which is also one of the signal loops. In addition to the core wire of the copper wire, the communication cable is wrapped with a layer of aluminum foil and grounded to play a shielding role.


The shielded cable is suitable for the line connection of various electrical appliances, instruments, telecommunications, computer network control systems, power equipment and automation devices with AC rated voltages of 450/750V and 0.6/1KV that require anti-interference.

1, Make sure the cable has enough shielding to meet the application requirements.

In moderately noisy environments, aluminum foil tape for cable shield provides adequate protection. In noisier environments, braid or foil braid shielding should be considered.

2, Use a suitable cable.

Cables that require repeated flexing often use a helically wrapped shield instead of a braid. Avoid using only foil shields on flex cables as continuous flexing will tear the foil.

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