June 21, 2022

Aluminum Foil with Paper Backing

Aluminum foil with paper backing using the moisture-proof, rust-proof, gas-barrier and corrosion-resistant properties of aluminum foil, it is be laminated with paper. It is a kind of laminated aluminium paper product, some factory use thermoplastic film as an adhesive to composite aluminum foil and paper together to form multi-layer composite paper. This composite aluminum foil with paper combines the high barrier properties of aluminum foil and the folding resistance and impact resistance of paper to become a high-performance packaging material.

aluminum foil with paper backing

Due to its excellent characteristics, aluminum foil with paper backing is widely used in food, beverage, tobacco, medicine, daily necessities, etc., usually used as packaging material in food packaging. Aluminum foil composite paper has good barrier properties, waterproof properties. Most of the composite components in the aluminum foil with paper backed material are non-toxic and tasteless materials, which will not cause pollution to the contents and human body, and are easy to meet the hygiene and safety standards of packaging. At the same time, because the resin in it can be decomposed when heated to high temperature, the paper and aluminum foil are separated, thus greatly improving the recyclability of materials, reducing the waste of materials and the load on the environment.


We can find aluminum foil with paper backing in food packaging, cigarette liner packaging. There is a layer of aluminum foil on the adhesive surface of the food wrapping paper. The aluminum foil has the advantages of high separation performance, light weight and long shelf life at room temperature, so that the food is not easily affected by moisture and avoids moisture. Ordinary food packaging food saves time, waste and loss. In addition, the surface of the aluminum foil can also be printed with different colors of ink as needed to improve the effect of packaging and decoration. The food is provided with light oil on the surface, which can prevent the loss of edible oil and have good oil control effect.

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