June 14, 2022

Aluminum Thermal Reflective Foil Insulation

Aluminum thermal reflective foil insulation is a new type of environmentally friendly thermal insulation material. Both sides are compounded with aluminum foil or pure aluminum. The middle polyethylene bubble layer can be divided into two types: large and small. The emergence of this foil thermal insulation material not only solves the high cost of glass fiber, the discomfort brought to the human body and the harm to the environment, but also can block the ultraviolet rays that penetrate into the room through iron sheets and concrete. This aluminum foil for thermal insulation product has good insulation and heat reflection functions, and can also play a good role in heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture resistance, shock resistance, energy saving and environmental protection in the fields of color steel workshops, residential roofs, floor heating, and vegetable greenhouses.

aluminum thermal reflective foil insulation

Aluminum thermal reflective foil insulation can be installed on the roof, wall or floor, which can block more than 80% of the thermal energy of the building from the outside world, protect the wall, and resist the sudden increase and decrease of temperature. The aluminium foil for thermal insulation bubble film utilizes the dual effects of heat reflection and light reflection of the aluminized film, and the excellent barrier properties of the thermal insulation material. The air in the bubble can well block the heat. The combination of air bubbles and aluminum foil is more advantageous in the same type of thermal insulation material!


Features of aluminum thermal reflective foil insulation are:

1, Heat insulation, anti-reflection and anti-radiant heat, temperature and fire resistance; the surface of the composite aluminum foil is smooth and flat, with high reflectivity and high vertical and horizontal tensile strength;

2, Heat preservation, reduce heat loss by convection, conduction and radiation, cool in summer and warm in winter;

3, Building roofs and exterior walls block sunlight, and basements are moisture-proof and waterproof;

4, It is easy to install, thin and lightweight.

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