August 31, 2021

Bare Aluminium Foil Supplier

A famous bare aluminium foil supplier – Haomei Aluminum produce high quality bare aluminum foil for air conditioner and other industry. Bare aluminium foil together with hydrophilic aluminium foil are common used for air conditioning. And the cost of bare aluminium foil is lower. According to its quality requirements, the production process control of air-conditioning aluminium foil mainly includes the following aspects: casting, rolling, annealing, and coating. The chemical composition of the air-conditioning foil mainly depends on the melting and casting process. The mechanical properties are closely related to the three processes of melting, rolling and annealing. The geometric size mainly depends on the rolling process; the surface quality is mainly related to the rolling and coating process.

bare aluminium foil supplier

The bare aluminium foil supplier process control of fusion casting mainly includes:

1, Accurate control of alloy composition;

2, Strictly control the proportion of ingredients to reduce smelting pollution;

3, Fully refining, filtering, degassing and slagging to ensure the quality of the melt;

4, Use appropriate casting temperature and grain refinement measures to obtain fine grain structure, and strictly prevent coarse grain, uneven structure, compound aggregation and component segregation.


Process control of rolling process in bare air conditioner aluminium foil factory are:

1, Reasonable distribution of rolling passes to ensure good strip shape;

2, The total rolling deformation is properly controlled, so that the roll has a reasonable roll shape and surface roughness;

3, Ensure the grinding quality of rolls and replace rolls in time.

4, It has a complete thickness control system to ensure uniform thickness and small thickness difference fluctuations.


Bare aluminium foil supplier control of annealing process:

For air-conditioning bar aluminium foil of different alloys and different states, formulating a reasonable annealing process system is a very important part of the production of air-conditioning aluminium foils. The division of heating stages and the determination of temperature and time in the annealing process are a very complicated system work. It not only depends on the technical requirements of the product, but also considers the composition of the air-conditioning aluminium foil.

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