May 23, 2023

Bare Aluminum Fin Stock

Today’s air conditioners are gradually developing in the direction of miniaturization, high efficiency, and long life. As the main component of air conditioners, heat exchangers are also developing in the direction of ultra-thin and high-strength. Aluminum material has the characteristics of low density, good thermal conductivity, easy processing, and environmental protection. Using bare aluminum fin stock to make heat conduction fins of air conditioning heat exchangers has many advantages. The air conditioning aluminum fin stock material can be 1100/3003/3004/8011 alloy, etc., and there is no strict requirement on the chemical composition of the material. Aluminum foil for fin stock of air conditioning heat exchangers has good corrosion resistance, excellent formability, high strength and elongation, and meets the mechanical performance requirements of air conditioning aluminum foil.

bare aluminum fin stock

The use of bare aluminum fin stock to make heat conduction fins for air conditioning heat exchangers is one of the representatives. Aluminum foil is widely used in the production of air conditioning heat exchangers, and the current thickness is only between 0.09 and 0.15mm. In addition, in order to increase the life of the air conditioner, reduce power consumption, improve the quality of ventilation and improve the cooling effect, coated heat exchangers with various functions have been developed one after another. Air conditioning fin stock aluminum foil is mainly used to make air conditioning condensers and evaporators. Due to the difference in performance, it can be divided into two categories: bare aluminum foil and hydrophilic coated aluminum foil. Specifically, it includes bare aluminum foil for heat dissipation of air conditioners for condensers, coated aluminum foil for heat exchanger fins, corrosion-resistant coated aluminum foil, hydrophilic coated aluminum foil, etc. In order to improve the appearance performance of the bare aluminum foil, it is coated with an anti-corrosion inorganic coating and a hydrophilic organic coating before forming to form a hydrophilic aluminum foil.


As a professional bare aluminum fin stock manufacturer, Haomeii Aluminum has advanced equipment and mature technology. The company is equipped with a shape controller to monitor the shape in real time, follow-up stretching and straightening process, and secondly correct the shape to ensure that the aluminum foil shape is good and the layout is flat. , the shape precision is good, you can rest assured to buy!

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