July 19, 2022

Cold Forming Blister Foil Pharmaceutical Packaging

Cold forming blister foil pharmaceutical packaging is mainly used for aluminum-plastic blister packaging of pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, pills, etc., and can also be used for blister packaging of food and health products. Cold forming aluminum foil can be heat-sealed with medicinal ptp aluminum foil. Cold forming aluminum foil packaging has good moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, light-proof, and excellent barrier properties, which can effectively avoid the damage of gas, light and other media to pharmaceutical ingredients.

cold forming blister foil pharmaceutical packaging

Compared with the dosage forms of drugs such as injection and inhalation, the product quality risk of oral solid preparation packaging materials is much lower, but compared with ordinary food packaging, regardless of the hardware requirements of production facilities, the requirements of the quality management system and drugs, the tolerance of aluminum blister foil production enterprises to product quality problems still has high requirements for the production and quality control of cold forming blister foil pharmaceutical packaging materials. Aluminum blister foil and medical composite film are the two most important raw materials: aluminum foil and PE film.


Printing, coating and laminating are the main production and processing processes for cold forming blister foil pharmaceutical packaging and medicinal composite film (slicing and bag making are relatively minor, so they are not listed here). Essentially, these three processes are the drying and bonding of aluminum foil, paper and plastic film with ink or coating adhesive. In the actual production and processing of pharmaceutical packaging materials, many quality problems are mostly related to raw materials such as aluminum foil, film, and paper. Therefore, improving and stabilizing the quality of aluminum foil, film, paper and other film raw materials is the basis for the quality control of medicinal aluminum foil and medicinal composite film.

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