June 1, 2021

Colored Aluminum Foil For Food

The colored aluminum foil for food 8011-H18 and 8011-O base material produced by Haomei Aluminium are superior products. Haomei can process 8011 aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.016-0.2mm. The aluminum foil is mainly used for pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, aluminum foil tape, cable tape, Aluminum bottle caps and other fields. And we can customize processing according to customer needs.

colored aluminum foil for food

Haomei Aluminum can provide flat sheets, rolls, and paper-lined interlayer pure colored aluminum foil for food products with a thickness of 0.007mm to 0.10mm; various colors, surface coatings, printing and embossing products can be customized according to needs. The colored aluminum foil products are widely used in candy, chocolate and pastries; food containers, egg tart cups, aviation tableware; household aluminum foil; capacitors, electronic communications, household appliances, etc. It can also be used in decorative boards, printing various labels and other fields.


According to the state, 8011 colored aluminum foil for food can be divided into hard foil (H18 state), semi-hard foil (H14/H24 state) and soft foil (O state)

  • Hard foil: without softening treatment (annealing) after rolling When the aluminum foil is not degreased, there will be residues on the surface. Therefore, the hard foil must be degreased before printing, laminating, and coating, and it can be used directly if it is used for forming.
  • Semi-rigid foil: Aluminum foil whose hardness (or strength) is between the rigid foil and the soft foil, usually used for forming processing.

(3) Soft foil: Aluminum foil that has been fully annealed and softened after rolling. The material is soft and there is no residual oil on the surface. At present, most application fields, such as packaging, compounding, electrical materials, etc., use soft foils.

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