January 9, 2024

Electrolytic Capacitor Foil

Electrolytic capacitor foil is a sheet material used in the manufacture of electrolytic capacitors, featuring high purity, high conductivity and high corrosion resistance. Haomei Aluminum is a leader manufacturer of electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil in 1060, 1070, 1100, and 3003 aluminum grades, the quality in ensured to applied in electrolytic capacitors.

electrolytic capacitor foil

The common specifications of electrolytic capacitor aluminium foil are as follows:


The thickness of electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil is generally between 0.01mm~0.1mm, and the appropriate thickness is selected according to different application requirements.

Length and width:

The length and width of electrolytic capacitor foil can be cut according to the actual needs, and the common sizes are 100mm×200mm, 150mm×300mm, etc.

Surface quality:

The surface of electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil should be smooth, flat and free from obvious defects such as scratches, wrinkles and bubbles.


The material of electrolytic capacitor foil should have the characteristics of high purity, high conductivity and high corrosion resistance, etc. The commonly used materials are pure aluminum, alloy and so on.


Electrolytic capacitor aluminium foil should have good electrical and mechanical properties, such as low resistivity, high tensile strength and good ductility.


For the quality requirements of electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil, generally need to pay attention to the following points:

Material purity should be high to ensure good electrical and mechanical properties.

Surface quality should be good, without obvious defects and scratches, etc., to ensure good appearance and use of performance.

Uniform thickness to ensure good electrical and mechanical properties.

Each performance index should meet the standard requirements, such as resistivity, tensile strength, ductility, etc..

Non-toxic and odorless, in line with environmental requirements.


In short, when choosing electrolytic capacitor foil, it is necessary to choose the appropriate specifications and quality requirements according to the actual needs to ensure good use performance and appearance quality.

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