May 21, 2024

High Quality Embossed Hair Foils

Embossed hair foils is mainly used in various perming and coloring processes, and its silvery-white rolled form makes it easy to use and store. This aluminum foil product is resistant to high temperatures and has good thermal conductivity, which allows it to heat up quickly and speed up the styling process while keeping the hairstyle long-lasting.


Embossed Hairdressing aluminum foil is a special aluminum foil product used in the beauty industry such as hairdressing and hair coloring. which has the characteristic of embossing treatment. This treatment can increase the storage capacity of hair dye on the surface of the aluminum foil, which can help to achieve the ideal hairdressing effect in a better and faster way. Embossed hairdressing foils need to follow certain process requirements during production and use, such as controlling the proper foil tension and avoiding foil paper or confetti sticking to the embossing rollers, etc., to ensure the quality and safety of the products.

embossed hair foil

The product specification of embossed hair foils are:

Alloy and temper: 8011 O, 1235 O

Thickness: Usually between 0.013~0.018mm.

Width: Usually between 100mm to 150mm

Sizes: In rolls or pre-cut into sheets

Foil sheets: 0.013*5″*7″/7″*8″/8″*9″, 0.015*5″*7″/7″*8 “/8*”9”, and 0.015*120*205 (folded edge 15mm) and 0.018*120*205 (folded edge 15mm), etc.

Surface: with pattern

Product shelf life: 36 months.

Packing specification: color box + carton, plastic film + carton, pearl cotton carton, or customized according to your requirements.

Suitable for people: for hair salon or professional hair styling design.

Usage: Hairdressing aluminum foil to wrap the hair that has been coated with hair coloring cream and baking oil cream, and heat the hair through the baking lamp, which has a better heat transfer effect and can avoid hair damage.

embossed hair foils

The main features of embossed hair aluminum foil include:

Color choices:

Besides the regular silver foil, embossed hairdressing foil can also provide different color choices, such as colored, gold, rose gold, etc., to meet the needs of different customers.

Embossing treatment:

The embossed aluminum foil is not only beautiful, but also can increase the adhesion and storage capacity of the hair dye, making the effect of hair coloring more lasting.

Folding treatment:

In order to prevent the hair dye from flowing out, the embossed hairdressing aluminum foil can also be folded to ensure the convenience and safety of use.

High precision and efficiency:

Embossing process is characterized by high precision and efficiency, which can ensure the quality and production efficiency of the aluminum foil products.

High-quality material:

Embossed hairdressing aluminium foil is usually made of high-quality aluminum foil material with good barrier properties and heat resistance, which can effectively protect hair from chemicals.


Embossed hairdressing foil usually has a certain degree of flexibility and plasticity, which can be cut and folded according to the needs of hairstyling, and is suitable for all kinds of hairstyling and hair coloring techniques.


Overall, embossed hair foil is a creative and individually designed hairdressing tool that offers more choices and possibilities for the beauty industry and is favored by hairdressers and customers.

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