July 13, 2022

Extra Thick Aluminium Foil

Generally, the thickness of packaging aluminum foil is between 0.03mm and 0.1mm. The extra thick aluminium foil means foil with a thickness of 0.1 to 0.2mm, which is resistant to high temperature during use. Haomei Aluminum can produce aluminum foil of various thicknesses and specifications, which are widely used in automobiles, food packaging, medicine packaging, air conditioner, disposable containers, bottle caps and many other fields. The melting point of aluminum is 660.4 ℃, and aluminum foil can withstand high temperature, but it will be oxidized. Normal oven temperatures are acceptable.

extra thick aluminium foil

Extra thick aluminium foil has excellent moisture barrier properties, gas barrier properties and light barrier properties, so the packaging bag containing aluminum foil is very popular among users because of its full sealing, high fragrance retention, high oil resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties. Generally speaking, the aluminum foil used in the oven is not thick or thin, just buy ordinary thickness aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is a paper-like metal wrapper used to ship or wrap food. Aluminum foil is made of metal tin through rolling equipment and has excellent ductility. Therefore, it is easy to process into aluminium foil with a thickness of less than 0.025mm, and can even be processed by hand. It is widely used in all areas of life. Aluminum foil is not a patent for ovens, but universal.


The quality requirement of extra thick aluminium foil are:

1, The surface cleanliness of the aluminum foil should be high, without oil and dust, and the surface tension should be high, which should reach more than 72mN/m. A simple method is to test with distilled water, which should be fully wetted on the surface of the aluminum foil. If the surface of the aluminum foil is seriously oily, it will affect the composite fastness of the aluminum foil and other materials, especially after the packaging bag is cooked at high temperature, delamination and peeling will occur.

2, The number of pinholes in the aluminum foil should be less. Aluminum foil should be the material with the best barrier properties, but if it has pinholes, its barrier properties will be greatly reduced, gas and light will penetrate quickly and directly, and the contents will soon deteriorate. Generally speaking, the thicker the aluminum foil, the fewer the number of pinholes. For example, the number of pinholes in the aluminum foil with a thickness of 7μm should be less than 200 holes/square meter; the number of pinholes in the aluminum foil with a thickness of 9μm should be less than 100 holes/square meter. square meters. No matter how thick the aluminum foil is, the pore size of the pinhole should not be larger than 20μm.

3, The texture of aluminum foil should be soft, it should not be easy to break when folded, and it should have good toughness. The purchased aluminum foil should be stored in a dry state, and should not be stored for too long, and should be used as soon as possible to prevent the aluminum foil from absorbing moisture and oxidizing and deteriorating.

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