August 23, 2021

Household Silver Food Packaging Aluminium Foil

Haomei Aluminum supply household silver food packaging aluminium foil with specification of 8011 o temper, thickness 0.009-0.02mm. The household aluminum foil is suitable for food preservation, barbecue, aviation, hotel catering and kitchen cleaning, with good cooking, freezing, preservation, barbecue and other purposes. At the same time, food packaging aluminum foil products also have the characteristics of high resource recycling and reuse, which can protect the environment.

household silver food packaging aluminium foil

Household silver food packaging aluminium foil has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, heat preservation and freshness, safety and hygiene, and can often be used in household cooking. The household aluminum foil material is food grade, which is suitable for food under normal temperature and baking state. The household aluminum foil can evenly conduct heat in a confined space by convection, so that the food is heated evenly without burning smell, which is an extra guarantee for health. Wrapping the food is also equivalent to adding a protective film to them, which not only locks the water but also retains its original flavor.


The household silver food packaging aluminium foil is processed after continuous casting and rolling, hot rolling, slitting and annealing, it is divided into small coils according to the length required by the user. Aluminum foil for household food packaging is not easy to be damaged, not easy to crack, and has good heat resistance (heat resistance for 20 minutes at 250°). Oil-proof, water-proof, moisture-proof and anti-adhesive are more effective, and the thickness is uniform and it is not easy to burn and stick. After delivered to our customers, the household aluminum foil roll is processed to small rolls with serrated design, which is convenient for cutting and easy to tear. Good airtightness and strong water retention. Easy to use, it can meet the needs of most baking sizes in the family.

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