December 26, 2017

How is aluminum foil made?

Aluminum foil is the most widely used aluminum product in daily life, like aluminum foil container, aluminum foil for hair, for baking food and so on, as the aluminum foil is extremely thin, so the process technology is strict and advanced. How is the aluminum foil made? The common method is what I am going to say.

how is aluminum foil made

The first step is melting. Use large capacity regenerative furnace melt primary aluminum into aluminum liquid, flow into the casting rolling mill through the chute, in the aluminum flow process, refining agent was added for the formation of continuous and uniform thinning effect; graphite rotor degassing and remove slag under 730-735 DEG C, forming a continuous uniform scavenging effect.
The second step is rough rolling. Casting the smelt liquid aluminum into billets in the casting mill, during this process, the cooling water inlet temperature is controlled between 20-23 DEG C, the out water temperature is controlled between 28-32 DEG C, the roll gap between aluminum melt static pressure is controlled in 0.004-0.005Mpa, rolling out 6.5-7.5mm slab.
The third step is the intermediate rolling. The aluminum slab is rolled again with cold rolling mill, until the thickness is 4.5mm, then put it into the annealing furnace, heating to 360 DEG C, after insulating for 2 hours, continue heating to 580 DEG C, heat insulating for 18 hours, then homogenization annealing to make the grain size is uniform, and continue cold rolling in a cold rolling mill until to 0.60mm, put the plate into the annealing furnace again, heating to 460 DEG C, insulating for 5 hours, cooling to 400 DEG C and insulating for 7 hours, intermediate annealing, then continue rolling into 0.3mm thickness as aluminum foil sheets.
The last step is foil rolling. Rolled the aluminum foil wool into aluminum foil finished by four roll irreversible foil rolling mill. The production process of the ultra-thin aluminum foil is short, the operation cost is low, the investment of production is small, and the aluminum foil quality can reach the international most advanced level.

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