November 22, 2023

Hydrophilic Coated Aluminium Fin

Hydrophilic coated aluminium fin is an effective air conditioner component that helps to improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioner and also enhances the life of the air conditioner. This king of hydrophilic coated aluminum foil is hydrophilic and can effectively absorb and dissipate moisture, thus helping the air conditioner to better regulate the indoor temperature.


The manufacturing process of this hydrophilic coated aluminum fin is relatively complex. First, the raw aluminum foil is precision-machined to ensure accuracy in shape and size. Then, a special hydrophilic coating is applied to the surface of the foil, which enhances its water absorption and air permeability. Finally, the hydrophilic aluminum fin is rigorously inspected and tested to ensure that its quality and performance meet the standards.

hydrophilic coated aluminium fin

Hydrophilic coated aluminum foils are used in a wide range of applications, not only for household air conditioners, but also for industrial refrigeration equipment and other areas that require efficient heat exchange. This material helps air conditioning systems to better regulate indoor temperatures, while also improving the energy efficiency of the air conditioner and helping users to save on energy costs. Overall, air conditioner fin aluminum foil with hydrophilic coating is an efficient, environmentally friendly and economical air conditioning component that helps to improve the performance and service life of air conditioners.


The price of 8011 hydrophilic coated aluminium fin varies depending on brand, specification, quality and other factors. Generally speaking, the price of 8011 air conditioner fin aluminum foil is around tens of thousands of dollars per ton. The exact price also needs to be negotiated and determined based on the quantity to be purchased, quality requirements, supplier reputation and other factors. If you have any demand, it is recommended to consult with professional aluminum foil manufacturers or traders and get detailed information about product specifications, quality standards and prices.

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