June 4, 2024

Hydrophilic Coated Aluminium Foil

Hydrophilic coated aluminium foil is a treated aluminum foil product with hydrophilic coating on the surface through a special process. This hydrophilic layer has good hydrophilicity on the surface, so that condensate on the hydrophilic aluminum foil can be quickly dispersed and will not condense into water droplets, thus improving the heat exchange performance of the product. The structure of hydrophilic coated aluminum foil for air conditioners usually consists of three or five layers. The three-layer structure consists of a layer of aluminum foil and a hydrophilic membrane on both sides of it; the five-layer structure consists of a layer of aluminum foil, two layers of reinforced anti-corrosion layer and two layers of hydrophilic membrane. This structure makes the surface of the aluminum foil have excellent hydrophilicity and corrosion resistance.

hydrophilic coated aluminium foil

In terms of specifications, the specifications of hydrophilic coated aluminium foil for air conditioners vary according to specific applications and needs. For example, 8011 H22 blue hydrophilic aluminum foil for air conditioners has an aluminum alloy grade of 8011, with specifications that include a thickness of 0.08mm and other options. However, according to the development of modern technology, the thickness of aluminum foil for air-conditioning has developed to a thinner range, such as 0.103 to 0.15mm, and there is even a tendency to develop in the direction of 0.09mm or even 0.08mm, and the width and length can be customized according to the customer’s needs.


Advantage of hydrophilic coated aluminium foil:

Strong hydrophilic property:

Hydrophilic aluminum foil has strong hydrophilic property, which can prevent liquid from forming drops on the surface, thus avoiding liquid splashing or leaking and realizing watertight packaging.

Good high temperature resistance:

It can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees or more without melting or deformation, making it suitable for use in high-temperature environments.

Moisture and oxidation resistance:

It can effectively protect the goods inside the package and extend the shelf life of the goods.

Improvement of heat exchange rate:

Increase the heat exchange area, speed up the cooling and heating speed, also can effectively avoid the noise generated by condensate obstructing the air flow.

Anti-corrosion and anti-mold:

It has the function of no odor, and will not cause the accumulation of water droplets to block and affect the heat exchange.


Hydrophilic coated aluminium foil is the main raw material for household air conditioner heat exchanger sheet, which is widely used in household air conditioners, refrigerated cabinets, automobile air conditioners and other refrigeration equipment.

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