February 7, 2023

Hydrophobic Coated Aluminum Foil

According to the alloy composition and state, hydrophobic coated aluminum foil can be divided into 1070 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, the tempers are H22, H24, H26, the thickness range is 0.09-0.2mm, the width range is 100-1300mm, and the inner diameter of the tube core is 76mm/152mm. The choice of alloy depends primarily on the final mechanical properties the hydrophobic coating aluminium foil material can achieve and the ease of installation.

hydrophobic coated aluminum foil

The so called coated aluminum foil is to re-treat the surface of non coated aluminum foil to make it have some special function. In Japan, Germany and other countries with rapid technological development, the use of coated aluminum foil has a history of more than 15 years. In my country, the use of coated air conditioner aluminum foil does not exceed 10 years. Hydrophobic aluminum foil is also called water-repellent aluminum foil, and its surface properties are just the opposite of those of hydrophilic aluminum foil. That is to say, when the condensed water condenses on the surface of the aluminum foil, the contact angle with the aluminum foil is relatively large, generally 75°. above. The larger the angle, the better the water repellency. The ultimate purpose of using hydrophobic aluminum foil is the same as that of hydrophilic aluminum foil, that is, to prevent condensed water from remaining between the heat exchange fins. The difference is that the hydrophobic aluminum foil achieves the purpose of removing the condensed water between the heat transfer fins by increasing the contact angle between the condensed water and the heat transfer fins, so that the condensed water forms water droplets that are easy to slide off.


When there is water on the aluminum foil, the water will always hang on the aluminum foil, which relatively reduces the air flow between the aluminum foils and reduces the heat exchange rate. Water is easier to gather together on the surface of the hydrophobic coated aluminum foil, which increases the gravity of the water droplets, and the water droplets are easier to fall under the action of gravity. Inverter air conditioners, high-end models, and export air conditioners mostly use hydrophilic aluminum foil, domestic air conditioners , window machines, and automotive air conditioners mostly use plain foil. Coated aluminum foil is welcomed for improve the life of the air conditioner, reduce power consumption, improve ventilation quality and improve cooling effect.

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