January 24, 2024

Interfolded Pop Up Foil Sheets

Interfolded pop up foil sheets is a kind of household products made of aluminum material, which is moisture-proof, and is widely used in kitchens, household and other occasions. Compared with ordinary household aluminum foil roll, interfolded aluminum foil sheets has better protection and durability, which can better protect the hygiene and cleanliness of the items.

interfolded pop up foil sheets

The thickness and size of interfolded pop up foil sheets vary depending on the brand, specification and application. Generally speaking, the thickness of pop up aluminum foil sheets is usually between 10 and 20 μm. Aluminum foil in this thickness range has good moisture, dust and mildew resistance, and also ensures sufficient toughness and hardness for easy use. As for the size, the size of aluminum pop up foil sheets is usually designed according to market demand and usage. Common sizes of the interfold pop up foil sheets include 9”x10.75” 12”x10.75” and so on, and these sizes of aluminum foil sheets can meet different needs of use. In addition, the number of pieces of interfolded pop up foil sheets varies according to brands and specifications, and the common ones are 50 pieces, 100 pieces, 200 pieces, 500 pieces and so on. Overall, it is important to choose the right thickness, size and number of pieces of aluminum foil sheet that suits your use and needs.


The production process of interfolded aluminum foil sheets is relatively simple, generally made of aluminum foil material through cutting, folding and other processes. Since the aluminum foil material has a certain degree of toughness and hardness, interfolded pop up aluminum foil sheet can be easily pulled out and is not easy to tear. The use of folded aluminum foil sheet is also relatively simple, just need to unfold, can be used.


Overall, interfolded pop up foil sheets is a more practical household product, especially suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom and other occasions. Due to its excellent protection and durability, interfolded aluminum foil sheets is also widely praised.

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