October 13, 2023

Lacquered Aluminum Fin Stock

Lacquered aluminum fin stock is a high end aluminum foil material used in air conditioning equipment, which usually requires some surface treatments to enhance its performance and durability. Among them, hydrophilic coating is a common treatment method. The hydrophilic coating lacquered on the air conditioning foil fin stock is a special process aimed at improving the energy efficiency and performance of the air conditioning system. The hydrophilic coating is a functional coating that applies a hydrophilic layer on the surface of the aluminum fin stock. Condensed water on the hydrophilic lacquered aluminium foil will quickly spread out instead of forming water droplets, forming a thin layer of water film, thereby increasing the heat exchange area and improving the heat transfer efficiency.

lacquered aluminum fin stock

The hydrophilic coating on the lacquered aluminum fin stock for air conditioning has several advantages. The application of hydrophilic coating in air conditioning foil mainly serves three purposes.

Firstly, it can improve the energy efficiency and performance of the air conditioning system. Specifically, the hydrophilic coating reduces the adhesion of water droplets on the surface of the air conditioning aluminum foil, making it easier to blow away or drain, thereby reducing the impact of water droplets on the refrigeration effect of the air conditioning system and making the system more energy-saving.

Secondly, the hydrophilic coating can reduce energy consumption and operating costs. By improving the energy efficiency and performance of the air conditioning system, the energy consumption of the equipment can be reduced, thereby lowering the operating costs.

Thirdly, it can enhance the performance, stability, and reliability of the air conditioning system. In addition, the hydrophilic coating can prevent water droplets from forming on the surface of the lacquered aluminum fin stock, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria and mold, and maintaining fresh indoor air.


In addition to hydrophilic coating, other surface treatments can be applied to air conditioning foil to enhance its performance and durability, such as anti-corrosion coating, insulation coating, etc. The specific application of these coatings depends on the specific requirements and operating environment of the air conditioning equipment. It should be noted that different surface treatment methods may have different effects on the performance and durability of the air conditioning foil. Therefore, in practical applications, it is necessary to select the appropriate surface treatment method based on specific requirements and operating environment.

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