April 29, 2024

Lubricated Aluminum Foil For Container

Lubricated aluminum foil for container is a kind of aluminum foil with an oil-coated surface, which is mainly used in the manufacture of various containers, such as food containers. The purpose of the lubrication treatment is to use the lubricating effect of the oil to protect the surface of the aluminum foil from scratches during the stamping and forming process, so as to improve the quality of the product. These aluminium foils are usually made of single-zero foils with a thickness of 0.02~0.1mm and a width of 200~1500mm. commonly used alloys include 3003, 8011 and 8006, the thickness of the oil coating is generally 150~400mg/m².

lubricated aluminum foil for container

Pre lubricated aluminum foil for container is widely used in food packaging such as lunch boxes because of its good food grade properties, non-toxicity, light weight, good pattern, no deformation in cutting, and easy processing and handling. The oiling treatment makes the surface of the aluminium foil lubricated, thus facilitating the subsequent processing and molding process, reducing scuffs and scratches, and improving product quality. In terms of production process, the manufacturing process of container foil includes melting, billetizing, rolling and annealing, etc. The precise control of these steps is crucial to ensure the uniformity, surface quality and mechanical properties of the aluminium foil. High-quality aluminum foil for food container should have good corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and processing performance, while the surface should be free of obvious defects, such as oxidized skin, oil, cracks and so on. Aluminium foil for container with lubrication need to have good hygienic properties, barrier properties and drop resistance to ensure food safety and quality. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields have higher requirements for the purity and barrier properties of container foils.


As a kind of aluminum foil material with excellent performance, lubricated aluminum foil for container has a wide range of application scenarios in many fields. The following are some of the main application scenarios:

Food packaging: lubricated aluminum foil for container has a wide range of applications in the food packaging field. It can be used to make food lunch boxes, trays and other containers to protect food from external contamination while maintaining the freshness and taste of the food. The hygienic, moisture-proof and drop-resistant properties of lubricated container foil make it an ideal choice for food packaging.

Fast food takeaway: In the fast food takeaway industry, lubricated container aluminium foil is commonly used to make disposable lunch boxes and takeaway containers. Its lightweight, easy-to-fold and easy-to-recycle properties make it the packaging material of choice in the takeaway industry. At the same time, the high temperature resistance of oiled container foil also makes it suitable for hot food, ensuring that the food stays warm during the delivery process.

Airline Catering: In the aviation sector, lubricated container aluminum foil is widely used in airline catering packaging due to its lightweight, easy to carry and hygiene safety features. It can ensure the hygiene and quality of airline food during transportation and consumption, and meet the demand of airline passengers for high quality catering.

Bakery industry: In the bakery industry, lubricated container foil is commonly used to make baking molds and baking trays. Its high temperature resistance and easy release properties make bakery food production more convenient and efficient. Meanwhile, the hygienic and aesthetic properties of oiled container foils also enhance the quality and image of bakery products.


Overall, lubricated aluminum foil for container has important application value in many fields such as food, fast food, aviation, baking and so on due to its excellent performance and wide range of application scenarios. As people’s awareness of food safety and environmental protection increases, the market demand for oiled container foil will also continue to grow.

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