June 26, 2023

Pharmaceutical Foil Manufacturer In China

Haomei Aluminum is a well known pharmaceutical foil manufacturer in China, we offer 8011, 8021 and 8079 aluminium foil for pharma packaging. How much is the price of one ton of pharmaceutical aluminum foil, which is not a fixed value, and it has been mentioned before that pharmaceutical aluminum foil has multiple applications, so its price depends on different factors:

pharmaceutical foil manufacturer in China

  1. Selected specifications:

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil is a general term for the use of aluminum foil in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be applied to blister packaging aluminum foil (PTP aluminum foil), cold-formed medicine foil, tropical bubble cover packaging, child-safe medicine packaging, pharmaceutical bottle caps, etc. The thickness, width, and condition may vary depending on the different applications, so there is no unified standard for the pharmaceutical foil price.

  1. Product workmanship:

The brand, workmanship, and technological input of pharmaceutical foil manufacturer in China will have a certain impact on its price. Different pharmaceutical aluminum foil manufacturers have different material selection, production processes, sales forms, etc., resulting in differences in product performance and quality. Therefore, the pharmaceutical foil prices are naturally uneven. However, users should bear in mind that price generally follows the principle of “high quality, high price; low quality, low price.”

  1. Market conditions:

The custom pricing of pharmaceutical aluminum foil is also affected by various objective factors such as market economy and manufacturer competition. In a highly competitive environment, the quoted price is relatively more economical. When the economic level improves and prices rise, the price of the pharmaceutical foil product will also increase moderately.


You can inquire about the price of pharmaceutical aluminum foil from pharmaceutical foil manufacturer in China – Haomei Aluminum, and compare it with the market. Haomei Aluminum Industry offers a very high cost performance ratio for products of the same quality and specifications. If you have any doubts, you can request product quotations from several other manufacturers, and compare prices, quality, services, etc. I believe Haomei Aluminum is a good choice for you! For more detailed information about products and discounted prices, you can send us email, we will be dedicated to serving you!

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